For those who are mandated either by court, work or school to enter into an anger management program, we offer 10 hour or 16 hour sessions that take place weekly. Here you will learn to see the warning signs and use various tools to control your anger. You will learn how to make better choices and be accountable for your actions.

There are two ways to take the class.  

  1. We offer online training that can be done in the privacy of your home. To keep it interactive, some sessions are done with multiple participants online and others are pre-recorded.  You decide what type of class you want!
  2. We also offer face-to-face sessions.  Here clients work face-to-face with an experienced certified coach to explore anger issues, triggers, relaxation techniques and the ability to find resolve in a personal setting. 

Payment for all sessions is the sole responsibility of the client and will be paid per class prior to the session. You are responsible for committing to all sessions/hours to meet the needs and requirements set forth by the courts, work or school. If for any reason you do not complete the set course, you may sign up for additional classes to be paid at the time of your make up course.

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Managing your anger can be challenging!  However, by identifying what causes you to be angry (called triggers), you can plan healthier ways to cope with the anger before you hurt others (through words or physical), yourself, or property.

My objective is to: 

  • Help clients realize that most conflict/anger situations can be resolved without force.
  • Help clients broaden their vocabulary so that they express feelings more accurately.
  • Teach coping skills and tools to help deal with triggers.
  • Learn to see and feel the warning signs before anger takes over.
  • Promote empathy and compromise.

Ethics2Talk, LLC is recognized by the National Anger Management Association and this program satisfies court, legal, school and employment requirements in all 50 states and Canada.

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